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Boddy Lines has evolved over many years, having started in 2002 or thereabouts as a mainly family history site for Mary's genealogy interests. In time, it grew to be used as a family record - photographic and otherwise- of many of our trips away from home, plus other bits and pieces we think might be of interest to a wider audience. These travel notes include first-hand reports from Dave (as co-driver for friend Mark Pickering) on the 2012 London to Cape Town Rally, the 2014 Sydney to London, and the really big one, the 2016 Peking to Paris.

About our Family History pages: 
Apart from summaries of the arrival in Australia of the Boddy and Davidson families, the pages on David's side of the family, The Boddy Line,  and the Davidsons of New England were until recently, mainly family ancestors' trees.  However, courtesy of the Davidsons of New England Association, we have been able to add some pages from the Association's book published in 1983 about the Davidson ancestors who came from Scotland to live in the New England area of New South Wales in the second half of the 19th century.   These pages can be found by following the links from the above Family History menu to the Davidsons of New England. And there are now more of our ancestors' tales in summaries listed at the front of the Davidson Family tree.

As well, we're now working on telling the history of the Boddy family more comprehensively, and some biographies of our 19th century family are now on the site. 

Mary's ancestor story in the Byrnes/Gaffey pages is told in the Family History link to A Tale of Soldiers, Settlers & Convicts.  But of course, there's more to be found....

Plus, there's a section of "bits and pieces", including some contributions from friends, which don't readily find a spot elsewhere on the site, so we've slotted them there under the heading of "Other Good Stuff".  This section will probably grow over time.  Now that you've navigated your way here, we hope you find something of interest - and any comments (via email) are most welcome.

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