A very detailed account of the family is given by Geoff Gordon in his work on the Gordon family history. 

Below is an extract of the pages relating to James Gordon and his daughter Emily and their descendants.....

left: James Gordon, in a photo supplied for Cynthia Hunter's book, Raymond Terrace and District: History and Heritage, p. 59 (published by Raymond Terrace and District Historical Society, 1996).  Please note that this book identifies James as a convict, which Geoff Gordon's work corrects, with full details of the family's arrival as assisted immigrants on the Mandarin.
From Geoff Gordon 1 June 2005:

The family arrived in Australia as free immigrants in 1838.

James Gordon's parents: Robert Gordon and Grace Ward

Robert Gordon, b. c 1770 in Cooey, ARM, IRL, occupation farmer.  No more is known of Robert and Grace at this time, but a little bit about where they lived:- The town land of Cooey is in Co. Armagh in Barony of Tiranny and Parish of Tynan. This is in the south-west of the county and is almost on the border. On the current road maps it is right on the edge of the coloured zone along the border with the Republic of Ireland

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Robert  married Grace Ward, sometime bef 1792 in  IRL. 
 The information on Robert & Grace is from death certificate of James Gordon and on the shipping records when James and his family arrived in Australia.

I.     James Gordon, b. 11 Aug 1792 in Cooey, ARM, IRL, occupation farmer, d. 28 Feb 1868 in Pampoolah, NSW, AUS, buried: 29 Feb 1868 in Old Bar Cemetery. No details from Nth Ireland, except James 2nd marriage in records of Tynan Church of Ireland. this shows his residence as Cooey Townland, Armagh, Ireland.  ..... James married twice - first wife, Jane (Wright).   Jane died age 40, and was buried 20MAY1829 Church of Ireland Tynan, Co. Armagh. [from Records of Tynan Parish of the Church of Ireland.]

Just 18 months before they left Ireland, James married Lavinia Harvey, born Cookstown Co. Tyrone Ireland, a spinner, Protestant, reads and writes, daughter of John Harvey a farmer of the same place and Elizabeth Weir his wife. [from NSW Archives Shipping Records.]

 "James Gordon of this Parish and Town land of Cooey, and Lavinia Harvey, of this Parish and Town land of Enagh, were married in this church by licence with consent of friends and parents this 25th day of January 1837. Witnesses: George Ward and ??". [from Records of Tynan Parish of the Church of Ireland.]

James and Lavinia arrived in Sydney on the ‘MANDARIN’ on 13OCT1838 having sailed from Belfast Ire. on 10JUN1838. Accompanied by five children from his previous marriage - twins Sarah Anne and Harriett age 18, Maria age 15, Susan age 12, and Isaac age 9,,,and a son Robert born on the voyage, 29AUG1838.

" Issues of the Sydney Gazette for the period list various departures of vessels to Newcastle after the arrival of the Mandarin -....Depending how long they remained in Sydney Town maybe visiting with Henry, James’s brother at the Normal Institution, they probably travelled to Newcastle by steamer before going up river to Irrawang
 Six more children were born to James and Lavinia before she died at Nelsons Plains NSW on 11AUG1848.

The six were all born whilst James worked for James King at ‘Irrawang’ on the Williams River for £50p.a. plus rations. " (......)

. "James Gordon and family were commissioned to work for Mr James King on his property ‘IRRAWANG’ on £50 p.a. with rations. The property ‘Irrawang’ was on the Williams River near Raymond Terrace. Evidently James King was a prominent Landowner during that period. .....

 "Nelson’s Plains lies across the river opposite Raymond Terrace at the confluence of the Williams and Hunter Rivers. It is a flat, rich plain watered by the two rivers on the east and south, having the grant of ‘EASKDALE’ to the north and ‘OSTERLEY’ on the west. Most of the river flats were swampy, but it was still good country during droughts. About 1820 there was ‘a small government farm cultivated there, a Court House, a military depot, the last on the Williams River, and a Government House.’
     .... By 1850 the Nelson’s Plains School had 72 pupils, and the population outnumbered Raymond Terrace. All along the river banks were little farms and large barns. A few of these remain on the Williams. The houses are interesting, as their bare bones show the method of construction. The joists and purlins that support the shingled roofs are of undressed saplings. The wooden walls were papered with layers of newspapers and then wallpaper, a few tattered pieces of which still flutter sadly. These little houses must have been inundated many times when the river rose. One wonders how much warning the families had to move their few possessions, many children, pigs and the cow to higher ground a mile away. The beautiful Fitzgerald Bridge now spans the river, the swamps are completely drained and a levee bank protects the farms.

After Lavinia died [in 1848] James moved to the Manning and leased land off Lewis Gordon,( no relation), which James farmed till his death.  This land is the property now known as ‘Willow Grove’ section 6 in parish of Bohnock on the eastern side of the confluence of Berady Creek and the South Passage of the Manning and owned by Bill Dodd who has in his possession all the deeds for the property from the Original Land Grant to Lewis Gordon dated 12OCT1852 for £108 sterling, through the sale to Charles Thomas Gordon for £141 sterling in FEB1870 and sale to David Murray of Wingham (Retired) in MAY1911 for £1650 to the present day

(....).. The Pampoolah School (originally Redbank) is now situated in a paddock at the end of Redbank Road whereas it was originally on the other side of the road when James’s younger children and many of his grandchildren went to school there. [extract from 'Centenary Souvenir of Pampoolah Public School' - Schooldays at Pampoolah recalled by Eaton Gordon.] "There were some settlers down the South Passage, the Lees being the lowest at the mouth of the creek, at Cabbage Tree Island were the Gilmores, at Wauwipah Creek a man called Young, at what is now called Pampoolah then (1850) called Oyster Bank, the McCartneys and Gordons and a little higher up the river, lived Polson and a man called Blair." [from "The Story of the Allan Family of Buckinghamshire who arrived in Australia in 1850 and settled at Kimbriki" by John Allen 1905 - a mention of early settlers in the area.]

 There are anomalies in records as the ages of both James and Lavinia, are both shown as age 36 on their arrival in Sydney, [see NSW Archives A.O. 73/523 AW.JB] whereas Lavinia is listed as 20 in alphabetic list and 21 in surgeon’s report at birth of her son (maybe her birthday was between 10JUN and 29AUG). James was 36 in alphabetic listing but on his death certificate he was 77 in 1868 which would be more likely as Jane, his first wife, died in 1829 aged 40 yrs which makes her birth c. 1789 and his c. 1792. Using this death certificate which list children - "4 males, 6 females living and 1 male, 1 female deceased" [it seems] that Sarah Anne and Isaac had predeceased James and either Emilia was not his child or that she had been forgotten or rather not known by George McCartney the ‘Informant’. All the other children above can be accounted for in 1868 or later.
[There are] a large number of descendants spread over the Eastern States of Australia, Western Australia and New Zealand.(....)
James died at Oyster Bank on 28th February 1868 from retention of urine caused by old age after an illness lasting 13 days. His doctor was one Frederick Lalor who last attended him on 27th. James was buried in the northeast corner of Redbank Cemetery on the 29th with John Bowes, Wesleyan Clergyman, officiating and George McCartney and Robert Fitzpatrick witnesses. The death certificate also gives his age as 46 when he married Lavina (in 1837). His headstone [in Redbank cemetery, near Old Bar, east of Taree] reads "Sacred to the memory of JAMES Gordon died Feb 28th 1868 aged 77 years ‘He giveth His beloved sleep’ Erected by his loving daughter Lavinia".

"This is the last will and testament of me James Gordon of Oyster Bank Manning River, in the Colony of New South Wales, Farmer.-
I do hereby give and bequeath to my dear son Charles Thomas Gordon the whole of my personal effects, also my farm of sixty Acres situate at Oyster Bank Manning River in the colony aforesaid, together with all the appurtenances thereto belonging and the whole of my live and dead farming stock. To my dear daughter Matilda Lavina Gordon I bequeath the sum of Fifty pounds sterling to be paid to her by the said Charles Thomas Gordon within two years after my decease, also the whole of the poultry and further the said Matilda Lavina Gordon so long as she shall remain unmarried is to have full liberty to reside in my dwelling house at Oyster Bank aforesaid.
 Signed James Gordon. Witness Robert G Cohen and George McCartney.
 SUPREME COURT OF NEW SOUTH WALES - PROBATE DIVISION - OFFICE COPY. No. 7901(1) In the will of James Gordon. 29 January, 1869 Probate of the Will was granted to Charles Thomas Gordon the sole executor appointed according to the tenor of the said will. Testator died 25 February, 1868." copy signed by Senior Clerk in Probate 31AUG1976.

 The first clue that James had a brother in Australia was from James’s death notice. "James Gordon, died 28 Feb at his home in Pampoolah. Brother Henry Gordon Esq. JP. Illawarra" [from SMH Monday, 9 March 1868}:  
Family Tree details of James and his daughter Emily:

       James Gordon married (1) Jane Wright, married c 1819 in , ARM, IRL, b. 1789, d. 1829, buried: 20 May 1829 in Tynan, ARM, IRL Jane: Jane was James' first wife and her maiden name was unknown as the church records are missing for their marriage.  But it is know known from her daughter Maria's death certificate
       He married (2) Lavinia Harvey, married 25 Jan 1837 in Tynan, ARM, IRL b. c 1818 in Cookstown, TYR, IRL, (daughter of John Harvey and Elizabeth Weir) d. 11 Aug 1848 in Nelsons Plains, NSW, AUS buried: 12 Aug 1848 in Raymond Terrace, NSW, AUS.
                    ………… [120 pages detailing other children and their descendant s here]….
 I.   Emily Gordon, (daughter of James Gordon and Lavinia Harvey) b. 30 Sep 1843 in Nelsons Plains, NSW, AUS, baptized 4 Mar 1844 in Hunter River, NSW, AUS,[802] d. 1922 in Wickham, NSW, AUS .

[In 1868 & 1874, Emily had two daughters, Ada, and Lily May.  On Ada's and Lily May's birth certificates, no father is recorded, and on Emily's subsequent marraige to Edward Reavley, she is listed as a 'spinster'].
  Emily married Edward Reavley, 1884 in Newcastle, NSW, AUS,(son of Edward Reavley and Sarah _____)

 Edward, an engine driver, died 4MAY1911 at Tighes Hill, NSW. [NSW State Rail Authority did not have a personal employment card for Edward so he may have been employed by BHP or one of the local mines]. The family lived in Tighes Hill Newcastle NSW Australia.

In his will dated 6APR1899 he left his personal effects to his wife free of any ‘debts control interference or engagements of any husband with whom she may later marry’. He left his real estate to his wife during her widowhood to be divided at her death or remarriage between -
              · Edward James Reavley, lots 7 and 14 section Z Tighes Hill, described on certificate of title 4SEP1883 volume 664 folio 137; and
              · Sarah Lavinia Reavley, lot 15 section K Tighes Hill, certificate of title 29OCT1879 volume 404 folio 207.
             The balance of his real estate he left in trust of Emily to Edward James. He appointed Emily guardian of his infant children during her widowhood and thereafter his nephew George Edward BELL a storekeeper of Newcastle who was also executor of the will. Probate was granted on 14JUN1911, estate sworn at £652/10/2 nett.


Emily Reavley (nee Gordon) in later life.

2. Emily's children:
           1.    Ada J Gordon, (daughter of Emily Gordon) b. 1868 in Newcastle, NSW, AUS.  [No father listed]
                    Ada married Joseph Taylor,in 1891 in Newcastle, NSW, AUS

             2.    Lily May Gordon, (daughter of Emily Gordon) b. 1874 in Newcastle, NSW, AUS.[816].  [No father listed]                   
                    Lily married Alfred C Boddy, 1903 in Wickham, NSW, AUS]
                    Lily and Alfred's children:
                          a.    Allan G Boddy, b. 1904 in Waratah, NSW, AUS] d. 1904 in Waratah, NSW, AUS

                          b.    Eric G Boddy, b. 1905 in Waratah, NSW, AUS

                          c.    Mildred M Boddy, b. 1907 in Waratah, NSW, AUS

                          d.    Dorothy M Boddy, b. 1911 in Stockton, NSW, AUS

                          e.    Geoffrey A Boddy, b. 1912 in Hamilton, NSW, AUS.

             3.    Edward James Reavley, known as Eddie, (son of Edward Reavley and Emily Gordon) b. 1887 in Newcastle, NSW, AUS.
                    He married Nellie Matthews, married 1926 in Rockdale, NSW, AUS
             4.    Sarah Lavinia Reavley, other name Sadie, (daughter of Edward Reavley and Emily Gordon) b. 1887 in Newcastle, NSW, AUS.
                    She married William J Pater, married 1914 in Burwood, NSW, AUS.