Ancestors of Stella Williams


Please note: It should be remembered that some records, particularly those pre-1837 (when English civil registrations started) are derived mainly from the International Genealogical Index (the IGI) and some parish registers, and in many cases, cannot be confirmed absolutely as belonging to the identified parties and should be thought of as merely probable assumptions, in the absence of conflicting documentation.

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b. c1775, Wales

d. 1840 Windsor NSW

William Williams

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m. 1814, Windsor



b.1814, nr Windsor, NSW

d. 1863, Windsor, NSW

William Williams

Julia Leahy

b. c1780 Ireland?

d. 1840, Windsor, NSW



b.1769 Dublin

d. 1833, Cornwallis, nr Windsor NSW

John Pendergast



m. 1848, Windsor NSW


?m. 1802/03 Windsor NSW


Mary Anne Pendergast

b. 1831, nr Windsor

d. 1903 Darlinghurst



b. 1803m Cornwallis, nr Windsor NSW

d. 1865, Pitt Town nr Windsor NSW

James Pendergast

Jane Williams

b.1775 ?England

d. 1838, Windsor, NSW



m.1828, Parramatta



b. 1858, nr Windsor, NSW

d. 1918, Paddington, NSW

Thomas Williams


1. Sophia Hancy

b. 1808, Castle Hill NSW

d. 1845, Windsor NSW


[2. Susan Cunneen

m. 1847, Windsor, NSW]



b. ?1863, Suffolk,

d 1830, nr Parramatta

William Hancy



m. 1880, Woollahra, NSW



m. 17944, London


(Mary) 'Ellen' Hyde

b. 1856, Melbourne, Vic.

d.1942, Randwick, NSW


b.c1788 ?Awre, Gloucester

Samuel Hyde

Sarah Macdonald

b.1765, Barrow, Shropshire


1765 London

d. 1859, Castle Hill, NSW


m. 1816, Bisley, Gloucester



b. 1889, Paddington, NSW

d. 1927, Bondi

Stella Williams


b. 1824, Bisley, Gloucester

d. 1899


John Hyde

Sarah East

b. Guiting, Gloucester

d. 1832, Chalford, Gloucester

John East

m. 1921, Paddington  

m. 1848 Hobart, Tasmania


Sarah ??


Thomas Gaffey

(see separate tree for

Thomas Gaffey & his ancestors)




Ellen Quin

b.1821, Rathluirc, Co. Cork

d. 1907, Darlinghurst

Patrick Quin




Ellen Frank