Sunday, October 1, Kuala Lumpur

Despite our time living and working (for Dave) here in KL more than 15 years ago, and our regular visits since, I've always refused to sample the street food that KL is famous for.  Too much of a coward (and the availibility of alcohol was limited!).
Last night, I decided I had to overcome that reluctantance and actually go to the legendary street,  Jalan Alor. 
 Pity I wasn't very hungry, but we still made a good dent in what was on offer.
Actually, on further reflection, I think what we had wasn't genuine street food - it was more like cafe food served on tables in the street.

Most apartment hotels here in KL don't routinely supply toasters - but they are generally available on request.  Not so the Oasia Suites.  So, when Frankie wanted toast at lunch yesterday, Ash showed a touch of genius - he made a toasting "rack" out of four forks, tines up, around the hot plate, to support the bread a centimetre over the heat. 


Worked a treat!

Yesterday afternoon, it was back down to the familiar territory of KLCC, the big business centre around the base of Petronas Towers (two of the most beautiful buildings in the world, in my opinion)....  There's a playground there, next to a lake which is both ornamental and used for children's play.



As usual Frankie's colouring and hair attracted attention, and a group of Malaysian tourists, in coloured gowns and hajibs, wanted her to join them in their group photo in front of the Petronas Towers.
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