Sunday, October 1, Kuala Lumpur

Today, Dave went with Jen, Ash and Frankie up to the top of KL Tower (no, not the Petronas Towers!) for a closeup look at the daredevils before they plunged off the launching point on the outside of the communications tower in a park in the centre of town.  I gave it a miss - been up the Tower quite a few times and felt like a rest.

Judging by the photographs, the expedition up KL Tower was well worth it....  Showing bravery I probably wouldn't have been able to muster up, Jen and Ash donned harnesses for a closer look at the base jumpers leaping out into the humid Kuala Lumpur sky.  Frankie and her grandfather went for icecreams.  Later, they all ventured out onto the glass-floored platform for a scarey look at the distance to the ground.
Photos by Ash/Jen/Dave
Everyone retreated to the apartment for lunch, just before a big storm broke over the city, drenching the CBD and surrounds with walls of water. 
While the sky was stil emptying itself, Dave grabbed and umbrella and headed off to The Green Man, an ex-pats' bar in what I call Lygon Street (its real name is Cangkat Bukit Bintang), fairly certain that some of the many TV sets there would be showing both the Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix, and perhaps of more importance, the NRL Grand Final.
The rest of us rested up, before heading down to Petaling Street, with a mission to pick up some presents for those at home at the night markets there.