Tuesday, 3 October, Kuala Lumpur.
Dinner plans for last night were for a row of converted, restored shop houses at the bottom of the Bukit Nanas forest reserve, at the base of KL Tower.   For years, I've walked past these buildings, wondering why some enterprising person hadn't brought these once probably beautiful colonial buildings back to glory.  Now is seems a consortium has, and they've been developed as a number of restaurants (of course) under the name of Old Malaya.
Old Malaya restaurant strip...
above:: how the derelict buildings appeared in 2003.


 right: and how they are now... (October 2017)

The restoration of this row of shop houses has been extrememly well done, and now includes about five restaurants.  Not all the buildings have been restored, but I hope that's on the agenda.  I have long thought this group of buildings, which I passed-by regularly, cried out for rescue .

Our restaurant was a little unusual - it actually housed two restaurants under the one roof, under two different names, with two different menus - one more Westernised, the other Malay, although there was a fair degree of overlap. 

The staff were exceptional, answering all our questions with patience - even when we asked the same thing more than a couple of times!!
This morning, I awoke with a sharp sore throat and my first fear was that whatever it was, I mustn't give it to Frankie or Jenny (who is 6 months pregnant).  So, at what felt like first light, I hightailed it through the early morning steamy smell of the streets, down to a medical centre that I remembered in KLCC from 14 years ago - and they remembered me!!  at least, their filing system did, so I was ushered in without the need to re-register with passport or ID.  I left with a bag of goodies from their dispensary (here, doctors not only prescribe medications, but supply them as well).   It's probably just a 24 hour thing.  I hope. 
With a nod to my state of health, I picked up a taxi back to the apartment, and the driver was a young-ish woman (fairly unusual, but not rare).  We chatted and I asked what her job was like.  Sadly, she said it wasn't very safe - a friend of hers had actually been murdered in her cab, and she herself would not work at night.  However, she said foreigners were generally OK - never had a problem with Australians!!  

While I rested and recovered at the apartment today, the others headed off for a complex out at  Hartamas, where Ashley had located some galleries which he thought might be worth checking out.  They were, and he brought back a book on Malaysian art which I must study further. 

Dave vaguely remembered going out this way some years ago with the landlord of an apartment we've previously stayed in here in KL - and he must have selected the very same restaurant (or a very close-by one) for lunch, as the cafe's wifi network remembered him, and signed him in without any further ID.  Jenny and Ash had to give their email addresses before the network would allow them on.
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