Wednesday, 4 Oct, Kuala Lumpur

Today was time for another visit to the Petronas Towers – once the tallest building in the world, now claiming only the tallest ' twin towers' title.

The viewing spot near the top of one of the towers emphasized my impression that KL is booming.  So many cranes on top of structures reaching towards the sky.  Perhaps too many. This one at left is just adjacent to the towers.  May be it won't crowd it too much, because out the front of the towers, it's a different story.  Too many buildings are going up, distracting from the majesty of the Petronas Towers.  These magnificent structures deserve more than a token concrete plaza in front.

left: One of the many high rise buildings going up around the Petronas Towers - this one is taller than most - wonder how high it will top out at?

However, the planners have done well with the space behind the towers.   Over the past 20 years, it's been turned into a lovely parkland with an ornamental lake – and for all the children visiting, there's a comprehensive playground and water pool.

right: Frankie soars high in the playground near the Petronas Towers
Once again, Dave had booked us in for a ride to the top of one of the towers.  Originally, sightseers could go only as far as the bridge linking the two structures, but a few years ago, it was opened up almost to the top of one tower. 

e tried to replicate a photo
s  that we'd first taken three years ago, with only moderate success (our memories aren't too precise!). 

PS:  we swear the lower rails seen at right weren't there in 2014!!
Jen and Ash went out for a solo couple's dinner tonight – we had the best of that deal, having Frankie for company for the evening.  They opted for Manja, named as a top Tripadvisor restaurant - coincidentally next door to the one we ate at the other night.  The only catch?  Ash didn't pass their dress code (not surprising, considering he was wearing shorts with thongs for footwear).  However, they were allowed to eat in the al fresco dining area – just not inside!  Nevertheless, they rated it as first class.  Dave and I will have to try it next time we stopover in KL..
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