Sunday, 8 October, Ipoh

We weren't sure how much time to allow to make our 1130 Firefly flight to Singapore, so when we arrived at 9, we had to cool our heels until the check in desk opened at 10.  That wasn't too onerous - I just sat and read, while Dave used up the last of the prepaid Malaysian internet connection on his phone.  Now, he's just trying to work out how to stop it automatically taking the next RM10 out of his account, when the first instalment expires at midnight tonight.





left: Dave walking out onto the tarmac to our turbo propeller ATR72-500 aircraft, for our 90min Firefly flight to Singapore


Sunday night, Singapore

We've had some small hotel rooms in Singapore over the years and our current one, while very well fitted out, is only a little better.  Definitely no room to swing a cat.  And the hotel supplies only one chair for the double room.  This happens frequently, and normally I have no hesitation in calling up housekeeping and asking for a second chair.   Not today though. There's no room for a second chair.  So one of us uses the desk and chair, the other has to sit/lie on the bed.

A quick walk around outside the hotel led us to a nearby Chinese temple, the Tan Si Chong Su Temple.  A lone temple attendant there made us welcome while I took some photos.  An information board tells visitors that the temple, built in 1876 and now a national monument, was once on the bank of the Singapore River, but is now further inland as a result of land reclamation over the years.


Extending the walk a little further, we saw a Muslim minaret.  I was keen to get a better photo of the mosque that accompanied it so I walked onto the drive of the next door building, only to be sharply reprimanded by the security guard there.  He didn't like my camera, and repeatedly told me, 'no photos'.  He thought I wanted to photograph the building he was so zealously protecting – the Department of Manpower.  My pointing at the next-door mosque didn't help, so I had to be satisfied with a photo of only the minaret. 



 One aspect of our walk puzzled me a little.  this part of Clarke Quay area seems oddly deserted, even for a Sunday afternoon.

After lunch, we took our coffee to the roof of the hotel, and spent quite some time trying to ID landmarks we recognized from previous trips.  Although there doesn't seem to be as much new construction work going on as in Kuala Lumpur, there were still enough new buildings around to thoroughly confuse us




And as the evening went on, from our rooftop, we watched a little of the Marina Bay Sands Laser Show, or at least, the laser lights part of it.

Next: Gardens by the Bay, Marina Sands and a $A36 Singapore Sling.