Monday 9 October, Singapore

 The Marina Bay Sands was on our list of places to go today, but first it was a visit to the Gardens by the Bay, to see the  Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. 


The Cloud Forest simulated the vegetation found on high mountains, along with an accompanying  35 metre waterfall (left), said to be the world's tallest indoor waterfall. All pretty impressive – but Dave found the Cloud forest's carefully controlled temperature zone a little too cold for his liking.

Inside the Cloud Walk

At the Flower Dome

So across the Dragonfly bridge to the Marina Sands Hotel...  that strange looking building (see the image at the top of this page) fronting Singapore River (which really isn't a river, but more an inlet that stretches for kilometres inland). 

Marina Bay Sands consists of what looks like an imitation passenger liner sitting on top of three tower blocks.  But, we've never been close-up  to it before (it wasn't built when we first visited Singapore), so having a day on our hands for sightseeing, we paid our money and headed up to the top for what has to be said is a fantastic view.

right: the bridge, decorated with large dragonfly ornaments linking the Gardens to Marina Bay Sands

above: Dave on the walkway on the top of Marina Bay Sands, and (right) the view showing the Gardens by Sea domes, and just some of the armada of ships waiting off Singapore port.

Lunch up there was simple (satay sticks and chicken wings and two drinks), but not cheap.   Singapore is expensive.  We mentioned this to the taxi driver who took us to our next stop, who said it wasn't too bad for locals – they had Government subsidised housing, transport, schooling, and medical care.  He told us he lived in an apartment tower block.  "Everyone does.  Only the very rich have a house on the ground". 

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