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Today, our schedule didn’t quite work out – we were going to have a four and a half hour rail excursion to a gorge northwest of Dunedin on a line originally built 150 years ago for gold miners prospecting there. However, NZ railways put its start time back by just 30 minutes, and that played havoc with our plans. The later finish of the trip would have jeopardized our looked-forward-to dinner at Larnach Castle, which starts strictly on time, so we shifted our tickets to tomorrow morning.

Instead of hopping on the Gorge train, we went for a walk of a flew blocks around Dunedin city and met a few friendly characters along the way. If you go into an historic church here because it looks an interesting place, a church volunteer will almost certainly regale you with stories of its past.

Dave reckons that although Adelaide is generally regarded as the “City of Churches”, Dunedin would be a good contender for the title. Whichever way you turn in the city, you see a place of worship.

The Anglican Cathedral here is one such place – its volunteer today told of how the church ran out of money half way through its construction – so instead of its planned grand rear tower and chancel, a temporary one was just tacked onto the end of the gothic style stone building. Some 50 years later, a decision was made not to proceed with the original design, and a more modern chancel, minus a tower, was built and added onto the imposing front structure of the church. The change of architectural style half way along the building takes a little getting used to.

Dunedin's Law Courts

The city's old gaol.

Dunedin also has one of the most impessive newspaper buildings I've seen in a long while.

The castle where we're stayng is something else again...

above: the entrance gates to the castle, and the castle from the front lawn

above: Dave on the front steps of the castle and (right) me in the garden with an elaborate arch.

below: the view from the castle grounds:

above and right:  The castle has several elaborate staircases.

below: the lodge where most guests at the castle are accommodated, and below right, our room....


Tonight's dinner was first class – we were joined by a retired English couple and a younger Canadian couple. Thankfully, all agreed on all the important issues of the time , includingly Donald Trump and his wacky ways. The Canadian male was just about foaming at the mouth on any discussion of Trump – and I ended up feeling sorry for them, since they had to live just across the border from the US.
Food was good, and I was reasonably restrained in my level of red wine consumption.
        Next: we make it up to Taeiri Gorge