Return to Kuala Lumpur via Oman



Tuesday, April 29, Newcastle, NSW

From where I'm sitting, the itinerary for this next trip looks just a little daunting.  Not as impressive as some undertaken by Dave and his mate, Mark (their jaunts  from Peking to Paris, London to Capetown etc spring to mind), but for me, well, it's looking a bit overwhelming.  
Here's a map that might put it into perspective:

Basically, it goes like this:

 ♦ Leave Newcastle tomorrow

 ♦ Sydney to Morocco, via a few days each in Kuala Lunpur and Oman.  I decided on this "double stopover" to eliminate the dreaded 14 hour long haul leg that'snecessary when it's only a single stop over.  The new idea of  no stop-over flights from Australia to Europe have no appeal at all for me.  The thought of 17+ hours non-stop in a plane is too daunting.

 ♦ Meet up with Dave in Casablanca, then explore Morocco together for two weeks.  By this time he will already have had two weeks there with Mark for the Rally of Morocco.  I'm planning to be there the day after it finishes.

 ♦ to London, via Paris and wander around southern England for two weeks checking out a few of the villages our 19th century ancestors came from..

 ♦ London  to Indonesia, via a few days in Oman and Kuala Lumpur

 ♦ Indonesia - two weeks in Sumatra and Java.

♦ home, after nearly two months away.

So, it's time to get my things together and head on out of here......   Next day