Day 2 Parkes to Cobar

Z in a mudhole

The first surprise of the day was that we were in the lead - basically from our good run through Back Yamma yesterday.  We didn't expect that to last beyond the first section today and while I haven’t seen any results,  I suspect our lead didn’t last too long.

Today's stages were high speed blasts following fence lines on properties.  If you went off, it was generally into a paddock with nothing to hit.  Our first effort in the first stage of the day had us so far into a paddock of lucerne (tall green stuff) that we couldn’t be sure which way to go to look for a road.

route instructions

Stage 3 was extremely fast in places and Mark had the car on the rev limiter in 5th on a few of the straits but our Belgian friends from the London to Cape Town rally (in the Porsche)  still took nearly 2 minutes off us.  The GPS says our max speed was 187 kph and I’m inclined to believe it.
piperStage 4 was memorable for a man playing bag pipes at the start and a high speed spin in a bog hole which scattered spectators and dumped so much mud on the car we could see nothing but the patch the wipers had cleared (see Alan Vaughan's pic at the top of this page).

Lunch at the Nymagee pub was enjoyable.

Results so far: