Day 4

Broken Hill to Renmark

There were three stages scheduled for today but only two were run.

The second stage of the day was dropped due to too much water.  As we drove down the Silver City Highway, there are large pools of water sitting beside the road so I guess they have had a bit of rain.

The two remaining stages were 55 and 41km so there was still plenty of distance.  The stages were on private properties and consisted of everything from long straights along fence lines to tight tracks around paddocks to sand dunes. 

The sand seems to sap horsepower and there were times we were wishing for more power and  there were a few occasions again when Mark yelled “there’s no road here!”.

Not a lot I can say until I see some results.... but I suspect Geoff Olholm will be in the lead by now but we shouldn’t be too far behind.  The other surprise is the Czech's 240Z which has started to put in some good times.  He is probably the youngest driver (looks 25 or so) and has only previously done karting and ice racing.  The first few stages must have been a shock for him.
renmark Our service crew has been great.  We have a couple of Datsun experts in Stewart  Wilkins and Jamie Waterhouse and they are supported by Will Mitchell and Jamie's son Logan. They are also supporting Mike Cotter/David Stevens in another Z car. It's been great to be able to hand the car over at the end of the day and while we go and have a shower, they give the car a once-over including a wash.

No car problems to speak of unless you count dust leaks.Renmark seems a nice town.  It's by the river (the Murray) and we have a top view from the balcony (right).

(later):  results out - we are still leading by 4sec!!

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