Day 7

Flinders Ranges

Mark likes the Flinders Ranges!  He says he will come back for a visit.  You must be looking forward to that, Anne?!
Bunyeroo Gorge
Bunyeroo Gorge
Moralana GorgeBut yes, they are spectacular, and the rally roads were good too. There were three stages, Bunyeroo Gorge, Moralana Gorge  (left) and then a property stage called Kanyaka.

Bunyeroo was 40km and I believe Geoff Olholm took more than a minute back from us.  He seems to have upped his pace a notch.

I believe he is running with less fuel, only one spare and has tweaked the engine for another 500 rpm.
Parachilna service
Moralana Gorge, the second stage, is a magic piece of road - Joost was quickest, Callinans second,, Geoff Olholm 3rd and he took another 4 seconds off us.  We did get a little of it back on Kanyaka where we were 30 seconds quicker.

On the transport after Moralana, we were following Keith Callinan’s Escort. We were fiddling with headsets and not being particularly vigilant when Keith slowed quickly for some emus running onto the road.  We were lucky not to run into the back of him.

Lunch time found us at the Parachilna Pub where they have 'roo, goat, emu and camel on the menu. I didn’t have any.


fly nets
I should mention flies.  There are millions of them.  Only Mark and I had fly nets on Day 2 (see photo) but more people have then now. Joost bought all they had on sale in Renmark.

We cross the Nullabor tomorrow.  Two stages scheduled, 93km and 24km and lots of transport.

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