Day 11

York to Perth

Today's action (Alan Vaughan photos):

No typing in the car today. 

Today was full on.  Started at 6am and transported 160km to Boddington. From there, there were two stages which had to be done twice.  They were stages I remembered from Rally Australias all those year ago.  The last one finished with the Bunnings jumps.

We didn’t do too well.  The car handled dreadfully using the tarmac setup on the gravel. Add to that we missed a couple of turns that cost time as well.  Talking to other people afterwards, it seems we weren’t the only ones to do this

left: The start of today's second stage, Boddington 1

There was added pressure to get the cars to the airport by 4pm at latest and at the last two stages, they were booking people in at nominated times then starting them at an earlier time to gain on the schedule.

We had time to put on some tarmac tyres and replace the air cleaners and that was all. I believe the plane doesn’t go until tomorrow but customs need 24hrs for something.

How did we do today?  I don’t know.  We may have held 2nd spot but I can't be sure until I see some results.

There is a presentation tonight for the Australian section which I believe Pat and Bradley Cole (right) will win in their Mercedes.

We are looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, before the flight to Ankara in the evening.

 Results posted for the end of the Australian stage:
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