Day 12


The presentation for the John Giddens Memorial Trophy (for those doing the Australian section only) was held last night.  Pat Cole was the winner and Trevor Stilling made it to 2nd position with a good drive on the last day.  Gary Williamson might have held him off, but having been told the previous day that there would be two sections, not four, he elected not to bother with new tyres.  A bit unlucky but…

The plan to enjoy a sleep in this morning didn’t work all that well, both Mark and I woke up around 5:45 am.

Caught up with some friends for lunch (Ally and Dave Crabtree ex-Newcastle, as well as former colleague Danny Willmott) at a very nice restaurant. 

(right) Ex-colleague Danny Willmott, me, Ally, Ally's husband Dave Crabtree, and Mark

Had half a bottle of Chardonnay with lunch and I might get that extra bit of sleep now. 

Bus goes to the airport at 8:30 PM tonight.

Getting ready to fly the cars to Istanbul .....

Some of the cars getting directed into Customs for the pre-flight checks:

The Connolly Porsche and the Z of the Czech crew

The Stilling/Travis Stanza, and the Olholm/Doble Z
(Photos: Thanks to Ally Prummel Crabtree)
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