Day 13

Flying to Ankara, Turkey

(above): loading the cars onto the 747-400

  the Emirates flight carrying the competitors' cars leaves Perth, heading for Dubai/Istanbul/Ankara.
(Photos from the event's Facebook page)
We left Perth 1:30pm and arrived at Doha at 6am.  The clock went back five hours on the way.  We then waited two hours and flew to Istanbul.  A 4.5 hour flight. Waited another two hours and flew to Ankara, a 40 min flight. 
Most people were there already, have taking a direct flight from Doha to Ankara. 

Not sure why we were given the scenic tour, perhaps the direct flight was full.

Qatar Airlines are pretty good although the food isn’t as good as some other airlines I’ve been on.
Istanbul Airport was as I remembered it from last year.  Big queues at immigration and generally chaotic. 
It's raining in Ankar but luckily, hotel has wi-fi.

The rally hotel - note the rally cars out the front

We have just been told we can go and pick up the car if we want.

Later:  Got the car and it seems OK.  Haven’t got the spares box yet. Tomorrow we can get the spares and repack the car.
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