Day 19

Nis to Belgrade (Serbia)

Informal transit again today.  A quick trip, it's less than 300km and it’s a motorway with a 120kph speed limit. After that, we became tourists again.

The Metropole Palace Hotel, where we're staying, is pretty good. We took a tram downtown, had lunch, saw parliament and various government buildings, the Belgrade Fortress (left) and the ‘Bohemian area’ (below).

While we were out, we found an optometrist and had Mark's glasses adjusted, and we happened upon a key man who did us a new car key to replace the one I lost a few days ago
left: Mark getting a new key cut, and outside the Serbian Parliament.

When the rain started to pour down, we cut short being tourists and were lucky to get a taxi home. 
Competition resumes tomorrow - two stages are scheduled.

Servicing the rally cars in the hotel carpark in the rain.

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