Day 29

Vale (Wales)

Today, the final six competitive stages, held on a Military Training area in Wales about 100km north of Cardiff.

The most notable feature of this place is the weather.
Bleak, raining, windy, cold and  miserable.

The wind was so strong that when it was raining (70% of the time), the rain is driven horizontally by the wind.
At one control, when Mark wanted to get out he wasn’t strong enough to push the door open into the wind.  He actually did a seven point turn to turn the car around so he could get out.

right: Check out the strength of the wind.
The stage itself was just one piece of road that was used twice in one direction and 4 times in the other.

It was wet to very wet tarmac, very bumpy with unpredictable crests.  Chicanes were used at strategic spots to slow cars down.

As expected, the Porsch in third spot soon ran us down and took second spot from us, with Geoff Olholm and John Dobie the winners, having led for most of the way..

We're obviously happy to finish!!.

There is only the drive into Windsor left to do and that is tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing Mary and Anne there. 
Next:  The finish!!!