This part of Boddylines is a work in progress.... it contains material which doesn't slot easily into the other sections of the website, but which we thought deserved some space.... Undoubtedly, it will grow over time.

(and a little note on the typewriter pictured above - it was this type of typewriter that I learnt to type on, back in 1961)

Newcastle Earthquake, 1989 Mid-morning, 28 December, 1989, Newcastle, NSW's second largest city (where we live), was rocked by an earthquake of 5.6 on the Richter scale.  Thirteen people died, with most of the fatalities and injuries occurring in the collapse of the Workers' Club, and in the inner city suburbs of Hamilton and Cooks Hill.This photo album shows some of the damage there and some of the demolition work which followed the quake.

One Man's Legacy.  This was written by my friend, Kaye Duffy, for a newspaper article in the lead-up to Anzac Day, 2003; her thoughts and recollections of her airman father who died in the skies over Europe in World War II.

East Lakes Anzac Days.  Still on the Anzac Day theme, Mary's friend and former colleague, Barry Nancarrow, a cameraman of some renown, was for many years a resident of the east lakes area, south of Belmont, on Lake Macquarie.  Here are a couple of different media offerings from Barry:

                               ..Anzac Day 2005, Pelican

                               ..Anzac Day 2013, Swansea

1972 King Edward Park Hillclimb. A 15 minute movie made by Mary and cameramen Barry Nancarrow and Allan Blackwell for NBN-TV News, with a voice-over by long-time newsreader, Murray Finlay.

1979 Repco Round Australia Rally. Another motoring contribution from Barry.  It was a 1-2-3 win  by the newly-released Holden Commodores, led by race driver Peter Brock.  Dave was the navigator for the second-placed Commodore, driven by Barry Ferguson and Wayne Bell.

1987 BP Alpine Rally.  A win in this event would have given Wayne Bell and Dave the Australian Rally Championship for the year.  Alas, it was not to be - their car's suspension failed, resulting in a DNF  (Note, the sound on this item is very low level).

2016 Official video of the 2016 Peking to Paris rally, won by Mark Pickering, with Dave as co-driver/navigator.  For Dave's daily summary of how the event was run and won, click here: 2016 Peking to Paris

1988 Sydney Harbour's bicentenary celebrations.

A Canal Holiday - and more... In August, 2014, Mary's brother John holidayed for a second time in Britain and Ireland - the difference this time was a trip down one of England's canals on an eight-person boat.  John retells his holiday here....

NBN Children's Choir. In the 1980s, our local television station, then known as NBN, organised a children's choir - this is a program featuring that choir performing in various locations around the lower Hunter Valley (sorry that the video is not 100%, but it is still enjoyable, we think)

NBN newsroom . Another item from the NBN archives... back in 1971, a short, three and a half minute magazine-style feature on the NBN newsroom was put to air.  Mary, then a reporter with the station's news service, appears at 45 sec, 2.07, and 2.45 in the clip.