A bridge over the River Eden which runs through Caroline's home town of Edenbridge.


Caroline Nicholson m. George Boddy

Alfred Boddy

Alfred Charles Boddy

Geoffrey Alfred Boddy

 Caroline Augusta Nicholson (1822-1887)



1822, Edenbridge, Kent,



George Boddy, 11 April 1847, St George the Martyr, Southwark (London)



26 December.1887, 1 Dundas terrace, Brookhill Rd, Woolwich



William Nicholson



Catherine Saxby



George Boddy (1848 - )
William Henry Boddy (1850 - )
Alfred Boddy  (1853 - 1913)
Charles Boddy(1855 - 1927)
Catherine ("Kitty") Augusta Boddy (1857 - 1925)
Samuel Boddy (1859 - 1945)
Annie Charlotte Boddy (1864 -1909 )


Caroline Nicholson who met and married tax inspector George Boddy in London in 1847, was the daughter of a shoemaker from Edenbridge, in Kent, 50km south east of London. She first appears in the UK Census of 1841, as a 19 year old living at home with her parents and siblings at 67 Edenbridge Street.

What brought Caroline to the capital is not known, but  according to their marriage certificate, the young couple were both living in  Kent Road  in southeast London at the time of their marriage.

Their wedding was held at an historic London church, St George the Martyr, in Southwark (right).  The church, the third on the site, is a Heritage-listed building, with the current building having been built in the 18th century.

George and Caroline's family grew rapidly - six children between 1848 and 1859, generally spaced at one every three years. After her sixth child Samuel was born in 1859, there was a gap of nearly six years - Caroline, then aged 43 had her seventh and last child, Annie Charlotte, when the family was living in Dover, in Kent.

George's work as a tax inspector with the Department of Revenue and Excise, meant the large family had to move regularly, from London, to near Bristol, to Bath, to Dover and back to London, among the places where the family was registered during the regular UK censuses.

We don't have a date on the image at left, but from the contrast with the portrait above, it would seem to be several decades later, possibly in the 1880s, when Caroline and George had settled into Dundas Terrace, in Brookhill Road, Woolwich.  In late 1887, Caroline succumbed to cirrhosis of the liver, and died  on Boxing Day of that year.

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