Day 5

Renmark to Barossa

Luxury tonight.  We are at the Novotel Tununda Resort.

JoostFour stages today.  The first was a sandy track running down the Victoria side of the Vic/South Australia border.  It was very sandy and rough but had lots of straights where high speed was distinctly uncomfortable.   I last did this in the ‘79 Repco when it was wet and lots of cars got stuck.  The stage was shortened both ends to be 35 Km long instead of 50 and we were grateful for that.  We managed to waste 30 or more seconds trying to find a road which was supposed to be a straight on that we just couldn’t see.

left: Joost trying to make up time in his Porsch

border track
The Border track was followed by a 300km transport to the Barossa area where they ran three very nice stages.   They were smooth, fast shire roads with lots of crests and causeways. stages which I remember from many ARC events in SA.

Results wise, Geoff Olholm should be in front by 30 seconds or so.  They took time off us in the first and we got some of it back on the second and lost I think it was 2 seconds to them on the 3rd.  I haven’t seen them since, but Mark and Geoff seem to run at about the same pace.

czech team
Joost in his Porsche is fastest by far but now has a lot to get back to get near the front.  The Callinans seem to be enjoying themselves enormously but have even more time to make up.  The young Czech lad in the 240 is very capable and is probably 3rd.

 I’ve just heard that Mike Cotter (who we are sharing service with) has broken his gearbox.
We are starting to settle into a daily routine now but it's still a very long way to go....

I’ll clarify some of this when I see some results ...

later: Day 5 results below